Write an audiobook

What to consider when writing an audio book?

Everyone has a story to tell. What do you want to convey to the world? The easiest thing is to write down your thoughts and story. Use it as a script. There are different variations depending on what suits you. Some need to write down everything they will tell. Some have lots of small points that they then develop when the audiobook is recorded. Some create a series of pictures with comments and leave from there.

Explain your situation

We want to help as many people as possible get their voice heard, Get your story out, share your knowledge and get a passive income in the future.

Where in life are you

Dare to take the step. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter where in your life you are. We are convinced that you can contribute something good to other people.

A passive income

What could you do if you had an extra passive income? Spend more time with the family? Help the organization your heart thumps extra for?

Publish your audiobook

Your book

What you need is a prepared script. What do you want to talk about? Which topics are important to you?

Record audio file

When your script is ready, it is time to record the audio book. We can assist with professional equipment if needed.

Edit the audiobook

After you have recorded the audiobook, the audio files must be edited. We will also help you with this.

Publish the audiobook

We then deliver the audio file, so people can listen to your audiobook around the world.

Get paid

1-2 times a year you get a settlement for how much the audiobook was listened to and bought for.

More books

After your first audiobook is published, so is it time to write a new book? We help people worldwide to publish audio books.

People who shared their history with us

Below are some books that have been shared around the world.

my visionary journey from sweden to uganda
Hacking Your Destiny
It dosent always turn out as youve imagined

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