Publishing your audiobook

Although the paper book still dominates as a format for book reading, listening to audio books increases. In fact, audiobooks grow most of all formats. At the same time as this growth, the methods for producing audiobooks are greatly developed.

The most common audiobook is the story of a novel. Fact books, often referred to as non-fiction, are not as common. Making an audio book from a fact book can be demanding as a fact book can contain explanatory pictures and tables, which do not work well in spoken language at all. Likewise, a fact book when it is read can sometimes be perceived as a bit dry and boring with the absence of story. This means that the audiobook edition of the fact book needs to be told with narrative components such as accents, sound illustrations and reflection breaks in order for the listener to understand.

When it comes to producing an audiobook, most people think it’s about recording a read. It is also true but only half the truth. In addition, you should first prepare then edit, proofread, adjust and publish. And everything takes time.

Before you start and read your book, keep in mind that whoever is listening to your book wants you to have the same voice throughout the book.
When you read a book, the reading about your voice should have the same tone, which is not at all certain that it has. Our human voice varies depending on whether we are, for example, stressed and a number of other factors. If you choose to read your own story, a natural credibility is created.

If you are going to record yourself, you have to have a good enough microphone and a sound-damped and echo-free space. Since it is important that your voice sounds good, the recording quality needs to be high. Do not read from a paper book because the rustle from the paper will be heard. Instead, use a tablet to read from.

An audio book works best for stories, so it may be wise to read a fact book as a story, if possible depending on how the book is written. It can be written in I-form and already be narrative which naturally makes it a story. But it can also be written from a viewing point of view and then you have to think about and decide if the narrative form is applicable or if the reading should be made more neutral, which can be a bit dry and boring.

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