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By: Esther Lawton
Type: E-book
Category: Fantasy
language: English
Release Date: 2019-12-02
ISBN: 9789198536676


Description of Fabler

Every path demands sacrifice. On a sun-baked path by a glittering sea, a traveller stops. He has no wish to linger on this eastbound road, a road towards his future dreams. But he wants to look upon the city he was born in, the ancient city before him. Years ago, he had to leave. If he enters again, he’ll die. So from his path, he takes one last look, while the wind strokes his ageless face. Then the merchants come, bringing news the traveller can’t ignore. Enough to make him enter the city. He goes in and finds a battle he’ll never escape, a battle of words against an invisible foe, a battle that will expose him. He can still walk away. But then the darkness will spread. Fabler is a novel about the paths we choose, the prices we pay and what we lose to make a journey that matters.

2 reviews for Fabler

  1. Mikael

    Loved the book

  2. Emma

    The book was really good I really recommend to listening to it

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