Hacking your destiny

7.99 incl. vat

By: Karl Lillrud
Type: Audiobook
Category: Economy & Business, Personal Development
language: English
Release Date: 2020-09-15
ISBN: 9789189267718

Description of hacking your destiny

Hacking your destiny is a book stuffed full of tools that will give you superpowers.
Karl has gone above and beyond in his unique storytelling style that really captures you and even transforms the many situations in the book into your own situations.

You can really feel the power of inspiration throughout the book and how the two topics of doing the impossible and empowering yourself with smart methods that Karl talks about in his two TEDx talks.
I especially love the closing page, that really summarizes the feeling that he built throughout the entire book in one sentence.
I now know I can do the Impossible and I know you can do it too after you read this book.

This book covers:
*How to do the impossible
*Gives your superpowers
*Get more out of life
*Make your dreams next days reality
*Transforming from Want-repreneur to Entrepreneur.

Being dyslexic, Karl had difficulties that he needed to overcome as a child. With a strong will and self-improvement mindset, he now stands as a proud entrepreneur, mentor, husband, and father. This book is written in a format that enables everyone to make what they read into their own experiences.

This book will give you the tools to hack your destiny.


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