What is an e-book?

An e-book is a book in digital form. It can be downloaded to all digital devices such as smartphone, computer, iPad and other devices. You open it yourself in your e-book reader where you can make the settings yourself to get the best conditions for reading. This means that you who read the book can determine the size and font of the text.

The book is in epub format which means that the text can “flow around” when you change the size or font, it simply moves on it to adapt to the text size and screen size. All the books are converted in that way because it provides the best reading experience possible. Because it is digital, the e-book is available for an extended period of time. It is also future-proofed since it is coded. It is also easy to change or renew it if there are new formats.

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E-books online

Accessibility is another advantage. You can get the book whenever you want! The file is downloaded directly in connection with the purchase and you can start reading your e-book at once. The digital format is also good because you can enlarge the text if you have difficulty reading small text. You can search, mark and bookmark the text, which is useful if you read a fact book, for example. Nowadays it is easy to carry thousands of books wherever you are for an e-book taking up minimal space in your bag, so instead of carrying ten heavy books on the holiday you can have a thousand in a smartphone or in a reading tablet.

Reading is also about how we use the reading experience. On the journey, the tablet is easier to pack than a stack of books. If you are out in nature, an audiobook is an excellent company. A rainy evening in front of the fireplace in the cozy armchair still feels like an e-book on a reading tablet best.

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