How can you create an e-book?

Nowadays it is easy to publish books electronically. E-books are becoming more common and almost everyone can read them on their phone or on their tablet. Most online bookstores also sell books in e-format, in addition to the printed format, and they can be borrowed from the library. We have agreements with the largest distributors of e-books and deliver to both retailers and libraries around the world.

There are a plethora of different e-book formats, but one is more or less standard, namely epub. With the right program, it can be read on all platforms except the Kindle reader, because Amazon has chosen to use its own format. However, if you have a Kindle it is possible to convert between formats. If you are going to do the whole job yourself to get a finished epub file, here are some tips below.

Write your book in Word, for example. Use a single standard font and no features. Different sizes go well, for example headings. Formats and footnotes can be used, but are usually not good, so avoid them. Separate chapters with large text and page breaks. Remember the title page. Do not include a cover image in the document, but keep in mind that if it should look like a book, it should have a title page with title and author name Calibrate.

Launch the Caliber program and click Add Books in the upper left corner. Browse your finished book in Word format, which is then added to the program’s book list. Select the book and click Edit Metadata. Change information. Correct author and title. Click Browse and post a cover image. Click the small icon to the left of the IDs and enter your ISBN number. Close with OK. (ISBN number can be obtained from us)

Click Convert Books and convert. You will see an arrow in the lower right corner that indicates that the book conversion is in progress. When done, you can click Click to open to get to the folder where your new book is located. You can also read it by clicking View.

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