Publishing an audio book is easy

What distinguishes the e-book from the audiobook is that one can capture emotions such as humor, the innuendo with tone and timing. It doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming. You don’t have to be affiliated with one of the traditional publishers to get it done.

Read the whole book aloud, not in your head a few times before you sit down at the microphone for final recording.
It will update your familiarity, but also warn you about lines where you want to add emphasis.
Read slowly and take breaks frequently. It takes longer to listen than to read. Let important details or joke time sink in. Feel free to take a few seconds of art breaks. Has energy. Don’t let the sentences just flow by. You have to catch and hold the listener’s attention.

Don’t think you’re reading a book. Remember that you are giving a speech to a large audience. This will put you in a more presentation mode. Listening to an audio book should be like a live theater or a live seminar more than attending a simple book reading.

An obstacle can be overcoming the fear of producing your audiobook
It can be a little daunting. How much time does it take? What happens when I’m done? With the help of some modern technology, these are affordable barriers.

Finished audio files (mp3 format, recommended formatting: 128 kbps, mono) will then be published around the world on, for example, Bookmate, Mofibo, BookBeat, Storytel, Nextory, Amazon and more.

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