How to publish an Ebook?

If you have a good story and live with the dream of being able to title you as an author on your resume, this may be possible thanks to today’s technology.
Nowadays, eBooks sell better than traditional books on sites and apps around the world, not least because they are comfortable to read and do not take up so much space in the bookshelf.
It is also an advantage for you as a writer that you do not have to go through the cutting path of old traditional publishers. If you go through a more digital publisher like ours, we can publish your books on most major sites. With the internet as a channel and the wide spread of smartphones, tablets and e-book readers, it is possible to reach a large target group without competing with other writers on the shelf space of book boxes and other stores.

You can easily share your book with friends, relatives and other companies. This is whether it is a personal story or some exciting topic you want to share.
We distribute it to the public. If you then need help creating a paper book, we will show you how to transform your e-book into a physical book that can adorn its place in a real bookshelf.

Explain your situation

We want to help people get their voice heard, get their story out, share their knowledge. What knowledge or experience do you want to share with others?

Where in life are you

Dare to take the step. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter where in your life you are. We are convinced that you can contribute something good to other people.

What is your passion?

We want to help as many people as possible get their voice heard, get their story out, share their knowledge and at the same time get a passive income in the future.

A passive income

What could you do if you had an extra passive income? Spend more time with the family? Help the organization your heart thumps extra for?

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