These general terms and conditions apply when purchasing an e-book / audiobook from

1. Definitions

Workday: Day when commercial banks are open for normal banking transactions; as working day is never meant public holiday, day before public holiday, Saturday and Sunday.

Supplier: www.

Buyer: Supplier’s counterparty.

2. The supplier’s commitment

The supplier shall deliver the e-book / audio book specified on the website ”www. “. The supplier is responsible for delivering the documents purchased on the website and delivering them digitally to the buyer.

3. Buyer’s commitment

It is the responsibility of the buyer to provide the supplier with correct information about the customer’s information and the documentation required for the execution of the order and otherwise carry out agreed actions and to follow the instructions in the documents accompanying the order.

4. Payment

Payment is made via Payson and Payson terms of purchase.

The current product price including VAT is the price stated on the Website when ordering. Nordic Success Publishing reserves the right to change product prices without prior notice.

Private customer housing in the EU pays Swedish VAT while Private customer housing outside the EU does not pay Swedish VAT. Foreign corporate customers in the EU are charged Swedish VAT in cases where they have not provided a correct VAT registration number. Corporate customers outside the EU are not charged Swedish VAT.

The right of withdrawal does not apply:

sealed audio or video recordings (e.g. audiobooks) where the seal has been broken

products that are downloaded directly to the private customer’s electronic device, such as audio books and e-books, the downloading of which has already begun

In case of late payment, the interest rate is delayed according to law. In the event of late payment, the supplier is entitled to compensation for the reminder fee.

5. Privacy

These documents may not be resold to third parties or used for use more than once per purchased document. Confidentiality does not apply to such information that a party has been informed of otherwise than by breach of this agreement or which is generally known. Also, confidentiality does not apply when a party is required by law to provide information to a third party. Confidentiality shall apply even if this agreement otherwise expires.

6. Liability and limitation of liability

The Supplier is not responsible for any damages or other losses that the buyer may incur through the use of documents from www. or other additional costs for the buyer.

7. Force Majeure

Party is free from liability when loss, damage or delay is caused by a legal order, war event, strike (both contractual and contractual), lockout, blockade or other circumstances which a party could not reasonably be expected to have anticipated and whose consequences could not reasonably have avoided. or overcome. If the performance of the agreement is substantially prevented for a period longer than three months due to the above-mentioned circumstances, each party shall, without any liability, cancel the agreement in writing.

8. Term and termination

This agreement has no contract dates, binding times or notice periods but follows Payson’s purchase & general terms and conditions.

9. Applicable law and dispute

Disputes arising from this agreement shall be finally decided by the General Court

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